Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries

I bring you another game from my childhood, this time it's:

This is a real time strategy game that involves a lot of democracy, you have to keep your peasants and your soldiers happy. While either paying off your enemies in tribute to keep them away or destroying them with your armies. The game includes siege weapon research and building, naval warfare and my favourite; Frythans.

Frythans are mythical creatures that live in various habitats on the map, they're very strong and hoard gold and mystical powers, when you destroy a frythan habitat you gain the gold they drop as well as a mystical scroll which allows you to build a certain races temple, allowing for the summoning of their god.

There were originally a total of 7 kingdoms in this game, but the expansion brings that up to 9. This game can be hard to get used to, but a game I enjoy very much and I'm sure some of you will too.

P.S This game is pre-cracked with the only crack I could find, this crack allows for single player only. I've included a mini-image that will need to be used with Daemon Tools to establish multiplayer(also included the original exe incase problems arise), although I haven't been able to test that.

Go to this link to download:

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